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Hangar Direct & iFlightPlanner
Hangar Direct is proud to partner with iFlightPlanner, the easy-to-use flight planning platform that helps pilots save fuel, time, and money on every flight. By combining the flight planning expertise of iFlightPlanner with Hangar Direct’s innovative solution to connect pilots with owners of available hangar space, we are poised to make finding and leasing hangar space easier than ever before.

Who is iFlightPlanner?

iFlightPlanner provides unparalleled, intuitive flight planning from any web browser (mobile or desktop), iPad, or iPhone.


Why Partner with Hangar Direct?

iFlightPlanner has chosen to partner with Hangar Direct because we share their vision of making aviation accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We recognize the challenges that aviation enthusiasts and pilots face when it comes to hangar access, and we're here to simplify the process. Our state-of-the-art hangar facilities are strategically located to offer you unparalleled convenience and security for your aircraft.

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hangar Simplify Hangar Rentals

Simplify Hangar Rentals

Find available hangar space along your route of flight.

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hangar 4 Tools to Help Burn Less Fuel and Fly Faste

4 Tools to Help Burn Less Fuel and Fly Faste

Fuel-Saving Flight Plans

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hangar Bring Your Own EFB

Bring Your Own EFB

One simple click allows you to open flights in ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot, and other EFBs!

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